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Faster publication through reviewer remuneration

While academic publishers make record profits, reviewers continue to work for zero compensation. ScholarPro Publishing seeks to address this inequity while providing open access to high-quality, peer-reviewed research across the STM disciplines.

Many for-profit (and not-for-profit) publishers have become overstaffed bureaucracies with too many moving parts to function efficiently. This, in addition to exorbitant profit margins, has contributed to high subscription and processing fees. We intend to limit the costs associated with publishing while passing these savings along, thereby increasing the benefits of science to humanity.
Our first journal, ScholarPro Genetics will publish quarterly beginning in July, 2024.

Join Us
We are seeking experienced editors-in-chief and associate editors to help launch reviewer-remunerating alternatives to existing academic journals. Paying reviewers simplifies the work of the editors and accelerates the peer review process. Any net profits will be shared equally between the publisher and the editorial office.

ScholarPro Vetting
For existing journals wishing to become pioneering early adopters on the right side of history, we offer to simplify and expedite the process of reviewer identification, solicitation, and remuneration.


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