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Faster publication through reviewer remuneration

While academic publishers make record profits, reviewers continue to work for zero compensation. ScholarPro Science seeks to address this inequity while providing open access to high-quality, peer-reviewed research in the field.

Many journals have experienced a critical shortage of reviewers in recent years, as well as related issues of quality, expediency, and cost. These, in addition to exorbitant profit margins, have contributed to high subscription and processing fees. We intend to limit the costs associated with publishing and pass these savings along, thereby increasing the benefits of science to humanity.
ScholarPro Science will publish quarterly beginning in October, 2024.

Aims & Scope
ScholarPro Science considers research-based manuscripts from all disciplines of formal, natural, social, and applied science. Opinions, essays, poems, and short stories about science may also be accepted.

Dr. Jennifer Saam
Jennifer holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from Princeton University. Her passions include medical affairs and genetics as applied to cancer diagnosis and treatment. Jennifer Saam on Linkedin

Managing Editor
Kurt Leininger, MLS
Kurt is an STM publishing specialist, web application developer, and user-focus advocate with over 20 years of experience in academic publishing. His peer review management systems have processed hundreds of thousands of manuscripts. Kurt Leininger on Linkedin

Associate Editors
We are seeking experienced editors-in-chief and associate editors to join our team. If interested, please contact us using the link below.

Peer Review
Please complete this form if you are interested in becoming an editorial board or ad hoc reviewer. The stipend is $60 per first-submission review. Subsequent revision reviews by the same reviewer pay $30. Remunerations are made via Paypal or Venmo.

Manuscript Submission
New and revised manuscripts can be submitted through
To facilitate double-blind review, author-identifying information should be removed from manuscripts prior to submission. [template]
All manuscripts should be written in English, saved in PDF or Word format, and follow APA style. Compressed ("zipped") files are acceptable. Non-native English speakers are encouraged to consult with an editing service or native speaker prior to submission.

Open Access
Accepted manuscripts will be published under the CC BY license. Article processing charges (APCs) are being waived for manuscripts submitted before July 1, 2024.


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